Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Review

After binging season 1 of Rebels, I again did it again for all episodes of season 2 expect for the last few weeks of it. I really loved season 1 and I can easily say that season 2 topped it again. I am writing this straight after watching the 2 part season finale of season 2, so this review is going to be about season 2 as a whole but a lot about the finale, seeing as most of the season was building to the end.

I can say, again, I loved this season. For me, Rebels is the story of Ezra and his internal fight between the light and the dark side. I said at the end of season 1 that I really thought that the story of Ezra is what the story of Anakin should have been. I feel as though they really grasped that again this season and I thought it was amazing. Throughout the season we saw him become so much stronger. We got to see him actually fight the Inquisitors, without needing Kanan to do the fighting for him. I really loved the episode where Ezra connected with the Space Whales. I can’t quiet remember their names but it really reminded me of young Anakin. Anakin as a pad-wan was what Ezra is displayed now, reckless but caring, and I really am loving how throughout the season we have seen Ezra embrace his own instinct and beginning to trust himself. Now after the season finale and what we can assume is the blindness of Kanan, season 3 is really going to test Ezra’s maturity as he is basically the most powerful person the rebels currently have. I’m really interested to see how Ezra is going to be handled through season 3 now that he has these responsibilities as well as his ongoing fight within himself against the dark side.

A new introduction to this season, was the return of Ashoka. I really enjoyed Ashoka during the Clone Wars series, especially towards the end as she matured more and more. I really like how her maturity was translated into Rebels. In this season, Ashoka really took a backseat, as Kanan and Ezra was the main focus. But I really liked how as the season progressed, her present became stronger until she was in main focus with Kanan and Ezra for the final episode.

I can’t talk about this season without talking about the fight between Ashoka and Vader. From the start, when we were introduced to Vader within Rebels, a Vader and Ashoka fight was always on the cards, and when it finally came, it was amazing. This was a fight that wasn’t just built up over this season, but from episode 1 of Clone Wars. The Master vs the Apprentice. When they final met, there was an emotion that could not be achieved in any other way than it was by being fleshed out over multiple seasons and series. By far my favourite moment of the whole fight was when Ashoka slashed Vader’s helmet and we got to see the actual face of Anakin and hear his Clone Wars voice. At that moment we saw the connection between Ashoka and Anakin. It reminded me so much of the final moments between Ashoka and Anakin in the Clone Wars, which evidently was the last time they saw each other pre-Vader. I really loved how Anakin maintained himself as Vader, still wanting to end Ashoka. For me this was the Vader we should of had in Episode 3. A Vader that was still the Anakin we knew and had seen him transform into the mechanical Vader. I really loved the ending to this fight where we see Vader leaving the temple and Ashoka walk deeper into it. While it isn’t clear if Ashoka is actually alive or not, it was interesting to see them essentially go their separate ways.

Of course the reintroduction of Maul was again fantastic. He was one of my favourite parts of Episode 1 and again was great in Clone Wars. So when I found out he was going to feature in Rebels, I got really excited. And he didn’t disappoint. I loved how he is kind of the more dark version of Ashoka, where he is not a Sith but more of a defect. With that I thought how they made his manipulate Ezra and really introduce him to the dark side of the force. I thought it was fantastic how Maul acted as the catalysis to exposing Ezra to the dark side. It gave him a really important role and I hope he is going to be a big part of the following seasons. Also, the music when Maul was fighting, perfect. Duel of Fates is probably one of the best pieces of scores and it really excited me when it came on.

This season was fantastic. The growth of Ezra has been fantastic as we see him mature into a Jedi as well as continue his fight against the pull of the dark side. His fight against the dark side is really going to become interesting now that Ezra has unlocked the Sith holocron. I’m really excited to see where this is going to head next season especially the events of the final episode.



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