Flash – S02E17 Flash Back

For me, this was one of the most anticipated episodes I’ve had for a long time. One of the components that makes me love The Flash as a TV show is how they explore the use of time and universes. So the idea of Barry traveling through time to get our season 1 Reverse Flash really got me excited. The idea of more Eobard Thawne and Eddie got me a lot more excited than I really thought it would.

I thought overall it was a smooth start to the episode. I liked how Wally was the one who was the one who gave Barry the idea to learn from previous people. I think that by doing this they really gave him a small but important role in the episode while showing the growing relation between Barry and Wally.

I have to say, Tom Cavanagh was outstanding this episode. I’m not sure if it’s because we have forgotten how good he was at playing the Reverse Flash, or that we got to see the contrast of his acting ability as we got to see him play Earth 2 Wells and the Reverse Flash all within the same episode. Either way he was fantastic.I thought he has really stepped up massively this season. Not that he was ever a bad performance, but he he has taken it up to a whole new level this season.

I thought there was a big downside this this episode and it’s nothing on the episode itself, more the capabilities they have as a TV show. There was a few moments, mainly with both Flashs that the CG work wasn’t the best. While I get that it’s not going to be perfect every time, there was a few moments in the episode where neither of the Flashs look anything like Grant Gustin. Overall it’s a small complaint that isn’t in anyway going to have a massive impact on the season as a whole.

Overall I thought this episode was good without being great. For me, this is what I would consider a filler episode. Even though Barry did travel back and get his answers to how to become quicker, I felt that this story arc could have easily been spread over 2 episodes, similarly to the Earth 2 episode.




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