Arrow – S04E17 Beacon of Hope

This episode was always going to be interesting in seeing to repercussions of the offical split of Felicity from the other member of team Arrow. I think they really hit it early with quite a good reference. I liked how they were saying Felicity wasn’t Voldemort and she could be spoken of. I thought it was a really light way to introduce the episode.

I didn’t know much about this episode coming into it, so seeing that we were going to have another character return in the previews honestly got me a little disappointed. While I really loved the Bee Bree villain during the Flash, I just feel like the theme of bring back past character is a little overdone at this point across both Flash and Arrow.

Similarly to this week’s episode of the Flash, I felt like this was simply a filler episode in terms of the whole season. Although there were a few important moments, I found it quite a dull episode. I didn’t really like Bee Bree villain this episode and the bee solider thing was just weird. I really thought that the solider could of been a decent meta-human villain for the early episode of Flash, similarly to Tar-pit.

Mumma Smoak really  managed to get on my nerves this episode. While we have always seen her as the not so smart one, she really took it to another level tonight. The back and forth between Felicity and her about Oliver and her relationship just felt like it had no purpose. I found it extremely poor and it just seemed as though the writers were trying to force emotional reactions from Felicity and Oliver.

Again, the flash backs are back to their low points. Before the break we just had, the flash backs had stepped up. But as soon as they had reached their point, they come crashing back down. For me, Slade Wilson’s flash backs have been the only one’s that have ever been good, and since then, they have struggled to keep up the standard.

I really thought this was a misplaced episode. Getting to the pointy end of the season, every episode should be building to the end, but it isn’t. There was only a few things that really hinted to a progressing. Damien Darhk working his magic through the prison was one of them. It was kind of cool to see Darhk do this. I feel like his prison story line is going to play out similarly to the way Fisk did in the second season of Daredevil. Curtis finally becoming a member of team Arrow. This was really a matter of time before we saw Mr Fantastic. It was pretty cool seeing him in action doing some flips in his effort to run away from the robot bee. Finally we have the big reveal of Evil Andy Diggel in the final moments. For me this is probably the biggest redeeming moment of this episode. Without this moment this episode was extremely pointless, however, as Arrow often does, this end reveal with Malcolm and Andy manages to get excited to see how the next episode will play out.

Apart from a few good story progression, this could have easily been the story line from an early episode in the season, which even then, at times it seemed extremely poorly written. To me, this was always going to be a down episode for me.



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