Daredevil Season 2 Review

Coming off loving Jessica Jones I was really excited for season 2 of Daredevil. I really like season 1, not to the extreme of some people, but I thought it was a great season with a few problems. With that in mind was wasn’t expecting to absolutely love Daredevil the same way I did Jessica Jones. But I was wrong.

There are so many things I loved with this season that it is really going to be hard to name them all. To start I have to talk about The Punisher. John Bernthal nailed this role. He brought a menacing tone that The Punisher was meant to bring. I can easily say that The Punisher was my favourite character. I really thought that he was used well throughout the season. I like how from the get go he was a large part of what was going on. Within the first few episodes he had already stamped his mark on the series and shown his a character that we are going to love. I think one of the best things they did with The Punisher that I think they failed to do with Fisk in season 1 is explain his origin/back story really well. In season 1, most of Fisk’s back story was done through flash backs and although they are easy and efficient was to explain a back story, I thought how they did it this season with The Punisher was brilliant. The reason I think this is because we heard it most of it from Frank Castle himself. The rooftop scene with Daredevil early in the season was brilliant. It really us a motivation to why The Punisher does what he does do. I thought that the contrast they laid early from this scene with Daredevil and The Punisher was really interesting  and it was nice to see the other side of the coin.

Something else I think that they improved on massively, and again it is due to The Punisher, is the use of Karen. In season 1, Karen was used as the investigate and she was again in this season. However I think the difference is during season 1, most of her investigation seemed a little pointless. I say this because most of the information she was digging up were facts that we either already knew as an audience or something that wasn’t a big surprise. In this season, they really stepped up her role, not only as an investigator but a main character. During her investigation she found information that was really vital in the characterisation of Frank Castle. Because she was the one who found the back ground information on his family and was finding facts that truely interest us, her character automatically became more interesting. During season 1, whenever she came on the screen it was like, not another Karen scene, but this time around it was more like, what’s she going to find now. I think another thing that really added to Karen as a character was the role she plays with The Punisher. As the season moves on, The Punisher no longer plays the main focus of Daredevil and becomes more of a B story line. However because Bernthal really brought it as The Punisher, this story line was just as good as Daredevil’s story line. Karen was a massive part of The Punisher’s second half story line. I really loved the connection they formed over the back end of the season and it’s something that I really want to see more of. Overall I think Karen was the most improved character between season 1 to 2 and I’m really excited to see how she plays out in season 3.

Another thing that I thought they did well in terms of characters this season was the use of Foggy. Similarly to Karen, Foggy really didn’t interest me much season 1 and he didn’t really again season 2. I thought he however was used really well as an impact character. He became more of a back ground character that really had some great moments, more specifically with Matt. I thought that when he wasn’t giving some for of talk or argument with Matt, I really lost interest with him. I must say his court scenes were great though which makes me curious to see how he will be used in the future after he has now joined the lawyer from Jessica Jones, Hogarth.

What this season did really well is balance the 2 major story lines without making them feel cramped. The Punisher was the main focus of the first half of the season before the focus was turned to Electra and The Hand. Whilst I’ll admit I did get a bit bored as The Punisher’s court case was closing out and the introduction into The Hand story was beginning, however it was only for an episode or two at most. I loved how they portrayed Electra this season. I like how we saw her as a badass ninja that seems to come out of no where before it is revealed that she was trained be the same person that trained Matt, Stick. Stick again was great this season. He is that character that you loved to hate. Whilst being the biggest jerk, you just love when he is one the screen. I really liked the relation we got to see between Stick and Electra that dates back to when Electra was a child. This really was the flashbacks of training that we got with Matt and Stick in season 1, however I enjoyed these a lot more. With the introduction of Stick, we were able to get the introduction of The Hand. For me The Hand is an extreme unknown and even though we did see them during season 1, I think they really explained them and their motivations of the Black Sky really well. I thought The Hand was great. While we didn’t get that character connection or story arc, I don’t expect it with something like The Hand. I thought the use of Stick to tell the origins of them was great and we got a clear explanation to who they are. Their action was fantastic and with them we got to see the ninja fighting style that we only really had in the past with Daredevil himself.

I thought the end was fantastic. I was extremely exciting and I felt that it really drew me into it. I like how they managed to bring the 2 stories of the season together at the end without shoe horning one into the other. They really left the end of both stories open which excites me the most. The fact that we are guaranteed to have more of The Hand and Electra next season with the possibility of more Bernthal Punisher really gives me a sense of excitement for the next season, a feeling I didn’t completely have at the end of season 1.

I thought this season was fantastic. I really loved how they built on the foundations of season 1 and tied them together really well, especially with the inclusion of Fisk this season. I also thought they majorly improved of last season. They really managed to embrace the things that we loved from season 1, while changing the role of some characters such as Karen for the better.




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