Arrow – S04E16 Broken Hearts

Arrow is finally back! I was really excited for this episode from the promos they have already given us. Cupid for me was a very intriguing villain when we first saw her and she again was. I like how they changed her motives from her being all for love to resenting it and then returning back to her addiction to it. I think she was a great villain that allowed us to get back into it all. I especially loved the opening of the episode how they changed the green arrow in the logo to the red love heart of Cupid’s arrows.

I thought that they really floated us back into the Arrow world really nice. Nothing was rushed and it really gave us time to pick up where we left off. I really liked how we touched on the Olicity story really early and they were able to establish that there has been a passage of time that has passed from our last episode. They also managed to handle to unveiling for the news to other members of Team Arrow. It was nicely dropped in without being forced, and allowed us to get another great Diggel speech.

The court case was something that I felt could have been a better but I didn’t expect it would be. The main reason for this is because I’m currently making my way through Daredevil, and for those who have seen it will know, the quality of those court cases are outstanding. They are extremely detailed and play the major events of the episode rather than a back story. I thought it was still good however and they progressed the Darhk storyline into a legal sense. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that forgot Laurel was a lawyer? This story line at least gives her something else to do rather than be a copy cat of her sister.

The flash back scene brought some of the magic to this episode and I really enjoyed them. The flash back scenes haven’t been the best however in the past few episodes they have really stepped up. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they are going to play out the rest of the season and what the idol actually is.

I really liked the Lance story they have been playing out throughout this season. The problem though that I have with liking it is that the writers have tried really hard to make it an appealing story. For me I believe it’s nothing more than build up to what could potentially be the answer to who could be in the grave.

Something I didn’t like in this episode was the scene where they were planning to hold the fake wedding. While I thought the plan was really smart, there was a a few lines that I thought really could of been a meaningful moment but they blew it. When Oliver is saying how he couldn’t cancelled the wedding because then he knew it was over. For me I thought it really could of been a moment where Felicity had some form of sad reaction and perhaps walked away, but instead she was bitter and a little spoilt. Her response of “It is over” felt like she had no remaining connection to Oliver. For me it feel really flat and it could of been a great way to show to follow on effect it is having on the characters after their split. This moment was then buried deeper by the wedding scene they have. In that scene they show a large amount of chemistry between Felicity and Oliver, especially during Oliver’s vows. His vows seemed to be his apology speech to Felicity and in this scene she accepts it, which is a completely different reaction from her than the ‘It is over’ scene. However, despite some nice words, Olicity appears to be over for now.

I thought the final scene was great. Although it wasn’t a big reveal or anything, by showing that Darhk has his ring that gives him his powers, strongly suggests we aren’t anywhere near done seeing the havoc of Darhk.





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