The Flash – S02E16 Trajectory

After a few weeks off, Flash finally returns to our screens, and after the previous episode, this episode had to hit with a bang. And it really did.

“A lady speedster, after 2 years we finally got one!” This was perhaps my favourite quote of the episode. Not only did Cisco express his excitement, but ours too. This is now our 4th speedster, and it was about time we got a lady one. I really liked how they it was revealed really early on on the identity of her, so early that it was easily picked from the trailer. By showing her true identity early, we were able to see how Trajectory and Eliza were in fact different. Although it was Eliza doing everything, it was good to see a character who was controlled by someone else, similarly to Gorilla Groud and his powers. Trajectory was the speed force persona of Eliza. I though this episode and event were really well placed, enabling the writers to start giving us clues to how Zoom maybe the negative speed force version of Jay.

The major thing to take out of this episode was Team Flash working out that Zoom has the same identity as Jay. I thought that they used Cisco’s vibes really well this episode. From the first vibe I really thought that it was the writers trying to suggest that Zoom and Jay are connected, which we now know they are. As current moment, the team believe Zoom and Jay are the same person, which I think is a great way to go about it. By doing this it really keeps the true identity of Zoom a secret, and allows them to have a twist in the end of the season to those character as well as audience members that believe Zoom and Jay are in fact the same.

Whilst I understand that there is a possibility that Jay is Zoom, I feel like the show has simply set up the idea of double identities and doppelgängers way too much for them to just simply link the two characters together. My best bet is that Zoom is the negative speed force of Jay, similarly to Trajectory being the speed force version of Eliza. However, we often forget that a Hunter Zolomon is still sitting on his park bench, for all we know he can still come into play.




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