10 Cloverfield Lane Review

10 Cloverfield Lane was a great psychological thriller that kept you asking questions throughout and even hours after seeing the film. Having not seen the original Cloverfield, I was told that this film had little connection to it and from what I have heard about the original, this is nothing like it.

10 Cloverfield Lane is essentially a kidnap horror story that happens to take place in a world that is being invaded by aliens. It is not until the final scenes of the film that we actually meet these aliens. Until then, the film takes place in an underground bunker. John Goodman’s character is the head of the bunker. He built it in preparation for some form of attack on the world and it becomes the forefront of the film. I thought that John Goodman had by far the best performance of the whole film. Not taking away anything from the other actors and actresses but Goodman brought a presence that made the film what it was. Goodman’s character is the villain of this film and he managed to portray a more menacing villain than most others throughout other films.

I thought the pacing of the film was quiet good. Considering that majority of the story takes place in a few rooms and the story itself is not dense in any way, they were able to keep the story moving without being focused too long in one moment of the film. They were able to portray jumps in time really well through the editing and choice of music they used.

The only thing downside of the film that I found was the ending. Not that it didn’t make sense in terms of the story they were telling, just the tone changed dramatically. I actually enjoyed the story throughout the film, including the end scenes. I really liked how they left it open ended, enabling it to have an option for a sequel. If they do a sequel however, I feel that they won’t be able to go with the psychological thriller tone that was established in the bunker but rather the fast, action, typical alien invasion tone that was present in the final scenes.

I left 10 Cloverfield Lane feeling slightly confused but not in all a bad way. It’s a film that you will need to go back and revisit. It’s the type of film that will provoke a different reaction and line of thought everytime you see it.





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