Pokemon Omega Ruby Review

With the new series of Sun and Moon coming quickly upon us, I went back an revisited one of my favourite games of 2014, Pokemon Omega Ruby for the 3DS.

My favourite Pokemon game as a kid was Pokemon Ruby. I always loved the fire type Pokemon, so naturally I was drawn to Groudon. I played it endlessly on my silver Gameboy SP over and over again all throughout my childhood. Even as I grew older and I felt the need for some of my Pokemon, Ruby was my go to game. So when they announced a 3DS remake, I was over the moon and it was my most anticipated game of the year, and it came through.

Using the game mechanics of Pokemon X and Y, this game was able to take the region of Hoenn and transform it into a wonderful 3D world. Something I really loved about X and Y was the appearance of the water and ocean, so as you assumed, the water-ful Hoenn appeared stunning. Surfing the oceans often became one of the low lights of the original Ruby, mainly because it was often repetitive and just plain boring. In this game however, they added an extra extension onto this aspect of the game. With the new appearance and the inclusion of mystery islands, surfing the oceans is no longer just that thing you have to do to continue the story, but had become something you want to spend hours exploring and forgetting that you have a task to complete.

The story as always was true to the original. With the inclusion of a few side missions, I felt that it was still well paced and I was able to progress though it and explore the region at a healthy pace. I’m not sure how much of my knowledge of the story that I acquired during my childhood playing the original, but I felt that the story remained very clear and straight forward to follow for players that are new to the Pokemon franchise.

What I felt was one of the biggest positive of this game however was all the added content they added. As mentioned before, we are able to explore mystery islands, and in most cased, build our always loved secret bases on them. On top of that, we were introduced to a fantastic post-story mission. This mission was created to make up for what the series lost by not having an Emerald version. In this mission we explored more of the world and were given a chance to capture both Raquaza and Deoxys. What I really loved about this post-mission was that it didn’t feel shoe horned in. It presented itself as more of a side mission that could be completed whilst still exploring the region at your own pace. The story of it was also not shallow and was able to add a few hours more of extra entertainment.

However, what I loved about this game the most though was how they were able to incorporate the new 3DS features that we saw in X and Y. They were able to make this extra content a part of the fabric that makes this game what it is, rather than an added extra. So often I found myself using the new apps, mostly the Pokemon search app, which makes it so much easier to Catch Them All. The inclusion of this added technology into the world oh Hoenn really enhanced the playing experience.

Pokemon Omega Ruby – 9.5/10



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