Star Wars Rebels – Season 1 Review

After marathoning through Clone Wars, I finally got around to watching the first season of Star Wars Rebels. I really enjoyed Clone Wars. I felt that it really added context and substance to the prequel trilogy and managed to build up the relationship between Obi Wan and Anakin. I also loved the tone that the series had in the back half of the series and I really like how they have carried it through to Rebels.

For me, the first season of Rebels was used to establish itself and build an extremely solid foundation to base the rest of the series off. With only 14 episodes in the first season I felt they really used them to their full potential and was manage to establish a great group of characters without having to rely on the Star Wars brand name.

We can see early on that Ezra is going to play as the main focus of this series. I really loved the arc they managed to give him over this short season and how much they managed to flesh out of him as a leading character. Something I think the animated Star Wars series have done well is the ability to represent the struggle between the light and the dark side in certain characters. Through this season we saw Ezra play a very Anakin type role which I really loved. To me it seems that in recent times, Disney has tried to give us the transition from the Jedi to the Sith that was not represented well during the prequels with Anakin. For me, most of Anakin’s transition was shown throughout the Clone Wars series. It appears that Ezra will be used in this series as a representation of young Anakin and how there was always that desire to explore the Dark side.

A really loved the relationship connections they have been able to establish in such a sort amount of time. We have already seen the Master and Apprentice relation between Kanan and Ezra, with Ezra occasionally pushing Kanan to his limits. They have also formed a great buddy relation between Zeb and Ezra, who act as the comic relief and the immature ones of the team, as well as a strong relationship between Kanan and Hera, with Hera playing that voice of reason to Kanan as he tries to lead and teach Ezra the ways of the force.

The main villain for this season was The Inquisitor, who I thought was fantastic as the opening villain to a series. Through him we were able to have to Sith represented so early on in the series and he was able to plant the seeds which have already started to grow into Ezra’s pull to the dark side of the force. It is unknown to me whether he does return but I would really like to see him return at some point during the series.

This season really set up for what I believe is going to be a great series overall. As the final scenes of the last episode showed, next season we are jumping back into the Star Wars we know with the new group of characters we have grown to during this season. I of course am excited to see Vader and am looking forward to see how he will be used throughout the series, however the one I am most excited for is Ashoka. She was one of my favourite parts of Clone Wars and I really would of loved to have seen a live action adaption of her during the Star Wars episodes, however seeing a matured Ashoka is going to be great to watch.

Star Wars Rebels: Season 1 – 9/10


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