Arrow – S04E15 Taken

I was a bit undecided about the beginning of this episode. It felt like we were jumping in mid episode. Within the first couple of minutes we were already onto our 3rd scene, the first being Felicity trying to walk again, the second was a flash back to Oliver on the island and the third was Darhk showing up and forcing Oliver to reveal to Felicity that William was his son. Although the start wasn’t great, it did lay down a platform to which the episode was built off.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of Vixen this episode. I watched the animated origin story of Vixen when it was released by CW and really enjoyed it, and since then I have been looking forward to her live action debut. I thought they did a great introduction to her, explaining her powers for those who did not see the animated series. In the end, Vixen was the real hero, destroying Darhk’s idol.

The usual Diggel pep talk was great as usual. Diggel has been fantastic this season, coming from really hating Oliver at the start of the season to returning back to his best friend seat giving Oliver a great voice of reason. To me Diggel is the every man that is in no way has any special abilities but some how manages to be a stand out amongst the other characters each episode. His pep talk for this episode was my favourite moment of this whole episode. Just beating out Darhk’s line of “Well, that happen.”

Although it was a good episode, it wasn’t the best in anyway. It did however allow us to see the repercussions of Oliver keeping his secret about William, something we have been waiting to see for a while now. I was a little surprise about Felicity’s reaction, although she was upset, she understood. I really thought that this event would evidently end up costing Felicity the ring on her finger straight away rather than the end of the episode.



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