Flash – S02E15 King Shark

This episode took off straight from where we left off last week and did it in one of the best ways possible. It was a very emotional start as Team Flash come to terms with the death of Jay and how it is never possible to go back to Earth 2. They will obviously find a way to return or for Zoom to cross over because we know we can’t be done with Zoom just yet. This episode really pulled back from the overall plot, a for good reason, the episode really shows how they are choosing to deal with the recent events.

I felt as though this was a very character driven episode, which I loved. Character driven episodes are always my favourite because it enables us to build a solid foundation of what characters the main plot is built from. The main theme of this episode seems to be conflict between characters. There were many exchanges that caused great moments. Cisco and Caitlin was great and Cisco revealed her Earth 2 identity. Caitlin’s prank to Cisco late in the episode was a great laugh as well. I also really liked the exchanges between Barry and Wally. We really get to see how left out Wally feels and how he really thinks Barry took his place in the West family. My second favourite one was between Jessie and Wells though. It’s the first time we really get to see the Wells family interact with each other and we got to see Earth 2 Harrison Well interact with someone on both an intellectual level and emotional level as he gets to reconnect with his daughter Jessie.

But by far however, my favourite exchange was between Barry, Joe and Iris. This was an extremely emotional scene as Barry reveals the events of Earth 2. Grant Gustin really acted this scene really well and managed to bring a lot of heart to this moment, allowing this scene to stand as an impactful moment in Barry, Joe and Iris’s relationship.

It was nice to see Diggle and Lyla cross over into this episode. Not only acting as ARGUS but as some characters in the shows that is in high spirits in comparison to the other members of Team Flash. Diggle was really great in this episode. He played a scenes of voice of reason to Barry as he similarly does to Oliver.

King Shark is a great villain and played a really menacing force throughout this episode. First we get to see him attacking ARGUS agents outside of his enclosures, then again at the docks in Central City. His attack on the West house was really unexpected but was a great way to show how powerful her really is. As usual, The Flash ended King Shark in a the usual Flash way and has put King Shark away for what we feel is a long time.

The references were really flying this episode and they were great. “Nobody’s faster than me” from Wally, future Kid Flash, “Hello, Earth too Barry” from Joe, referring to Earth 2 and “Caitlin’s been cold” from Cisco, a great reference to Killer Frost.

The ending of the episode was of course the stand out. We finally get to see who Zoom actually is, however there still remains 2 question. Zoom takes off his mask in the final moments of the episode, revealing that it is Jay Gerrick. However I am yet to be completely convinced that it is the Jay we think but is instead Earth 1 Jay, Hunter Zolomon or even a form of Jay, perhaps a negative speed force version of Jay. The second question still remain though, who is in the iron mask.



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