Arrow – S4E14 Code of Silence

This opening sequence was the best we’ve had for a while. Starting with the Mayor Oliver campaign, progressing to a great chase. Some of the motorbike work was fantastic, especially the jumper over the street by the Green Arrow. This was than followed by a classic Arrow fight scene, with a bonus, a Diggle flying kick. That kick alone got me pumped for this episode.

I really liked Lance’s role in the episode. His been in the background in recent episodes but he really got a role that got him the step up. Everything from his confrontation with Donna and his scene with Laurel running out of the blowing up building. I feel as though Lance is going to be a big part of the rest of the season, which really makes me think theres a strong possibility that he is the one in the grave.

They really spent a large amount of this episode revolving around William, Oliver’s son. I feel that they are really starting to build up strong to the reveal to Felicity of the truth. I fell as though that moment could be coming soon as it is revealed at the end that Dark has taken William away from his mother. When the reveal does come it is going to be big and could easily be the thing that drives them apart.

In recent weeks the flash back scenes have been great and this week was no different. We finally get to see the confrontation between Oliver and solider that the flash backs have been building to since the start of the season. It was great and we finally got to see Oliver get his finish him.

My favourite part of the episode was however was at the debate. After Team Arrow discover that the building is next of the demolition list through Curtis’s tech skill, they break into a great action scene with HIVE. We got to see Speedy and the Canary team up against a HIVE agent, while we got to see Diggle use his new gadgets with by repelling the metal sledgehammer. I thought that was really cool and hope it could be used throughout the season.

I can’t write a review for this episode and not touch on the major reveal at the end. The first was great and a special moment for Curtis and Felicity. Curtis was able to create a new piece of technology which will enable Felicity to recover and walk down the aisle. Although I don’t this we are going to actually have a wedding between Oliver and Felicity, it will be great to see her walking around again.




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