Flash – S02E14 Escape From Earth-2

Like last week, this episode was fantastic. I’ve really loved everything they have done on Earth 2. On top of that, the Earth 1 story line has been really good too. There are so many things to talk about for this episode.

First of all, by far my favourite aspect of this episode was the dark tone surrounding Zoom and his Lair. The man with the mask was fantastic yet really creepy. I loved the scene where Barry and Jessie worked together to work out what he was tapping on the glass. The clue he gave of ‘Jay’ meaning Jay Garrick put together with the masked mans reaction to what Barry was saying about Jay being alive really gives more clue to who Zoom really is. For me this adds to Hunter Zolomon being Zoom, as Hunter is Jay’s Earth 2 double.

Another major plot point that was developed during this episode was the creation of Velocity 9, something that the series has been hinting to throughout the season. With Velocity 9 we are closer to more speedsters such as Wally West into Kid Flash and Jessie Wells into Jessie Quick.

The pep talk between the Barrys was really great too. Even though they are from different Earths, you still felt as though it was the Barry telling himself that he has faith in himself. The pep talked well ended up working and Barry ended up fazing out of the chamber. That was a really great moment in the episode.

Killer Frost was again fantastic in this episode. We got to see her human side and see her more in tune with Earth 1 Caitlin. We get to see her team up with Team Flash and help them rescue Jessie and Barry. In the end we assume she did not make it but her character was great.

The end of this episode was so unexpected. I really didn’t expect that both Wells and Jessie were going to come back to Earth 1. On top of that, I didn’t think that this episode would end in the potential death of Jay Garrick. When I saw him standing in front of the breach I got the feeling that something bad was going to happen, but before that, I never thought it would be an outcome.

Coming out of this episode there is 2 major questions. The first is who is the man in the mask? I really hope that he is not forgotten and he plays and major role in the outcome of this season. The second is where does the season go from here. Zoom will continue to feature, this can not be the end of Zoom, but I want to see how they will continue to travel between the 2 Earths with no more breaches remaining. I really hope there is no cheesy explanation to how they can go back. The only possibility I can see is that Barry will have to recreate the events of season 1 and recreate the breaches.



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  1. Gokul says:

    Velocity 9 was originally used by Rival, who is kind of the reverse flash for Jay’s version of flash.


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