Flash – S02E12 Fast Lane

Fast Lane was overall not the best episode but was a fantastic set up episode that is going to be paid off in the coming weeks. They were of course at some point going to visit Earth 2 and I was really hoping they didn’t go there just because they had the opportunity to. Through this episode they managed to construct a good reason to why they need to visit Earth 2. They did it in a very Team Flash way as well. They have now officially taken Wells into their team, which leads them to wanting to go to Earth 2 to save his daughter Jessie. This was pretty unexpected after the earlier events of the episode. The episode starts with Wells constructing a device that takes Barry’s speed, to which he gives to Zoom. When Caitlyn works out Barry is running 2% slower than usual, Wells owns up to his doings.

Apart from setting up the coming weeks, there were a couple of other plots going on during this episode. The West story line is finally starting to come together. The episode begun with friction between Iris and Wally but by the end of the episode they come together through Iris’s injuries. Whist Iris is in the hospital, Wally reveal why he loves racing so much. He talks about his life with his mother and the car trips they use to go on when he was younger. This scene really sets up Kid Flash for the future. His love for speed may play a big part into why he becomes Kid Flash to begin with.

The other major plot line in the episode was this weeks villain. This week it was Tar Pit. He wasn’t at all a good villain but he played enough of a role to add another plot line into the episode. They also made him the cause of Iris’s injuries which gave his plot line a scene of meaning to the overall story.



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