Arrow – S04E13 Sins of the Father

This episode kicked off from where last weeks left off. Starting with The Calculator and Felicity having dinner together was cut straight away short but revealing to Felicity that he was the Calculator and that he knows she is Overwatch. This really kicked this plot back into where it was last week. I really enjoyed the exchanges between Felicity and her father especially after talking to her mother. I loved how she set the test to work out why he has come back. It was a very Felicity thing to do, using her intelligence to do her job.

Apart from this plot line, not much happened apart from the last 10 minutes. The episode was really build up til the end that was a great finish. The duel between Oliver and Malcolm was great but a little to short. I really think that was a way to show the audience how much Oliver has progressed as a fighter compared to the first season. I really liked how he didn’t kill Malcolm because he is such a great character which is shown in the final scene when he reveals to Dark that Oliver has a son. This then puts another bullet to use against Oliver and I’m excited to see how this is going to play out.

The last major part of this episode is the dissemble of The League of Assassins. I know many people have loved that there is no more League but for me I’ve enjoyed them. They seem that that big group that can be on either side, and is always going to be another player in the bigger overall game. I really liked how Nissa was the character to destroy the League considering because for so long she wanted to rule. It shows how Nissa has gone on an arc in the last 2 episodes and learned how the ring isn’t the most important thing.



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