Arrow – S04E12 Unchained

Similarly to Flash, this episode acted as a set up episode for the next week. This episode though was by itself a great episode. Unchained brought us two major plot lines, one being bigger than the other.

The major line was The Calculator. This is a hacker who in the end is revealed as Felicity’s father. The hacker blackmails previous character Roy into stealing things for him that will enable him to build a device that will shut down the internet and the electricity in the city. I really loved this line because we got to see Felicity do what she does best and go head to head with her father who is as equally as skilled in the hacking department. I also really loved the return of Roy. Even though it was just for 1 episode, it really did show how much I loved the character of Roy, however it didn’t really hit me until I saw him again, which is credit to the show. The writers have done a great job in filling the void with Thea to the point where Roy just becomes a previous character.

The other major plot with was great was everything revolving around Thea. This plot line is a big setup to next weeks episode. It sets up another plot line involving the League of Assassins which I have always loved. I am very looking forward to seeing the resolution to what happens with Thea and how or if she is going to be treat with the Lotus potion.



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