Deadpool Review

This is one of those extremely rare times that when you watch a trailer and get a vision of what you think your going to get and then you go into the theatre and it’s even better. Deadpool was an absolute enjoyment. You find yourself laughing constantly to the point that you miss most of the single line jokes because you’re too busy laughing at the last line. This is by far one of the best comedy movies I have scene, not to mention one of the best superhero films I have seen.

Something I really loved apart from the comedy is the awareness and 4th wall breaking throughout the film.There are so many really world references and wall breaking throughout the film that really showed a sense of intelligence in the writing. Most of theres reference usually lead to a comedic moment but in a way that some people won’t find funny unless they understand what they are referencing. Some of the key references that they pull are calling Liam Neeson out on being a bad dad due to the fact that they have made 3 Taken films, questioning Colossus on which Professor X he is being taken to, Stewart or Mcavoy, comments of Ryan Reynold’s appearance and Batman and Robin reference. Not to mention the endless references to his Wolverine Origins appearance.

Overall the story was fantastic as well. The pacing was fantastic. I really loved the use of flashbacks to tell the origins of Deadpool and how he went from Wade Willson to the guy in the red suit. The flashbacks allowed us the create character development in both Wade and the villain Francis while still allowing them to further the story and get a large amount of comedic relief as Deadpool. It made a great contrast between the fun up to date Deadpool and the dark torture scene of the origins of Wade becoming Deadpool.

The villain of Francis (or Ajax the dishwashing liquid) was a great villain to introduce Deadpool to the world. He was the major driving force behind Deadpool’s revenge act without taking anything away from the origin story they are trying to tell.

By far my favourite moment of the whole film was when Deadpool tried to hurt Colossus, ending up in him breaking all his limbs. This scene had me in tears.

Deadpool – 9/10


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