Arrow – S04E11 A.W.O.L

I actually really enjoyed this episode. It was a really pealed back, character driven episode that I felt is going to pay off great in the long run. There is 2 main plot points that is happening in this episode.

The first main plot point is Felicity trying to deal with her new situation. Through this plot line we get to see Goth Felicity once again. This was a really fun story line while dealing with the seriousness of her injury. It really addresses how afraid she is of her new injuries and how she thinks she will have a negative impact on Team Arrow. I really think that the use of Goth Felicity was great. We got to see how much she as a character changed from collage to the present day and how the injury has put her further away from what Goth Felicity would of wanted.

The second major plot point was a good character development between Diggle and his brother Andy. We get to see war flash backs of the Diggle brothers in action which I thought was really great. We also were introduced to a new villainous team of Shadowspire in this flash back and learn that it is indeed Shadowspire who are operating on Lian Ya where Oliver is located in the flash backs. Shadowspire take over ARGUS HQ, with Diggle, Lyla, Andy and Amanda Waller inside. This is the first time we get to see the brothers in action together, putting together a great plan to get both of them in the control room where Lyla and Amanda are located with the Shadowspire soldiers. A main event that happens in this plot is the killing of Amanda Waller. I thought they did this extremely well. Amanda is a character that we see throughout the whole series but is still a mysterious character. This makes her sudden and surprise killing a major surprise that really makes you feel like you have lost a character that is a relevant part of the show. There is however no confirmation that she is actually dead. The reason to why she was killed off is also in question as well as many don’t know if the show was asked to remove her due to her character appearing in Suicide Squad or if the show decided by themselves to remove her. Either way she appears to be gone for now. My prediction is that Lyla will take over ARGUS, giving her more of a bigger role on the show.

Overall it was a great episode. I really enjoyed the pull backed episode. I really enjoy character driven episodes and tv series.



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