Flash – S02E11 The Reverse-Flash Returns

Following on from the comfortable platform laid down by last weeks episode, this episode brought back what made this series one of the best of TV at the current moment. This episode brought the mood back to season one, with The Reverse Flash becoming the main villain for the episode. While did very little throughout the episode, it was good to see the real Eobard Thawne on the screen.

The main focus of this episode was The Reverse Flash. For many who haven’t seen the episode might wonder how it is possible to how he is still alive, and after the episode I was still a bit confused. I eventually had to look up how it was done and once I understood how it happened made the who scenario really cool. This Thawne is not the Wells Thawne, this one is before he kills Barry’s mother. As it is explained, Thawne travelled back in time twice. The first time is to this time period which takes place in this episode. The second time he returns to the past is when he kills Barry’s mother. So this episode, as far as Thawne’s timeline, comes before the Barry’s mother is murdered. I really enjoyed how they played around with the timeline in this episode. Team Flash catch Thawne and plan to keep him captive but are forced to let him go. By not letting Thawne return to the future, everything that happened in Season 1 would not of happened. They use Cisco’s powers to represent how it effects, as they show Cisco fading away.

The other major thing that I really liked how they did was revealing to Patty that Barry is The Flash. Patty uses her detective skills to pitch a strong case to Joe that she thinks Barry is The Flash. Joe being the bad liar he is, denies but Patty knows the truth. She then smartly tricks Barry into thinking she is in trouble. With this The Flash suddenly shows up to her aid. She reveals its a trap to see if The Flash would show up. At that point Barry knows he is caught out and stops his blurred face so that she can see it is really him. They have really built up to this moment and even though it does not directly come from Barry, I thought it was nicely done. Patty does not appear mad but instead revealed that she finally know Barry’s secret.

A sub plot that has been taking place through this story is Caitlin trying to save Jay from his sickness. During this episode she decides that she should find the Earth 1 Jay and take healthy cells from him. However this doesn’t go to plan as there is no Jay Garrick on Earth 1. Jay later reveals that there is in fact a Hunter Zolomon, who is Jay’s Earth 1 match. He explains that this Jay was adopted as a child and therefore has a different name. For those who don’t know, this is perhaps the biggest clue to who Zoom is. In the comics, Hunter Zolomon is Zoom. For this to work, Zoom would have to be Earth 1 Jay Garrick. This would mean that at some point earlier in the series there must have been a gateway between Earth 1 and 2.

This episode brought Flash back to what we are use to, by far it was the best episode of this season.



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