Arrow – S04E10 Blood Debts

Similarly to The Flash, episode 10 of Arrow season 4 was by no way a standout episode but acted as a great reintroduction to season 4. This episode played it quiet safe.

Blood Debts takes place straight after the events of episode 9, following the events that take place after the attack on Oliver and Felicity. With Felicity in hospital, Oliver goes on the offensive trying to track down Dark. This side of Oliver we haven’t seen since season 1. This reckless Oliver however gets nowhere. This sequence really acted as an introduction back into the action and brutality Arrow can present.

A big plot point of this episode was the Anarchy story line. I didn’t really enjoy Anarchy as a character but I felt what his story line brought to the overall story was good. Through this story line we were able to see the human side of Dark. After Team Arrow rescue Dark’s family from Anarchy, Dark really shows some humanity by giving Oliver a cool off period in respect to what he has done for his family. Each week Dark is becoming more and more human and I find myself enjoying his screen presents more than ever.

Another key point that really interested me episode was the sequence between Diggle and
his brother. After saying in my mid season review, this scene took this relationship in the right direction. Without Anthony helping Team Arrow I feel as though he is a fairly useless character. Now with this roll, it gives him a big purpose during this season.

The last major thing that I loved in this episode was the flash forward scene that takes place at the end. A scene is shown of Oliver leaving the grave of the mystery character and enters a limo, who we find Felicity sitting in it. She appears extremely upset, perhaps more than she would for some other characters. Felicity then uses the line, ‘You have to kill him’ showing how deep her sadness is.

This scene presents 3 key things that we can use to predict the future of the show. The first of course is Felicity being alive. This obviously rules her out of being the one in the grave but it does however give us a look into how they may reveal who is in the grave. Over the next few weeks we may slowly see more and more character alive until we are down to one who is evidently going to end up in the grave. The second main point I noticed was that Oliver was in a limo. Since the early seasons, we have not seen Oliver travel in a limo until recently when he decides to run for mayor. This scene maybe suggests that Oliver was successful in his campaign and is indeed mayor of Star City. The last main key thing I noticed in this scene is a big one. When we see Felicity she is missing one key item, her ring. This strongly suggests that Oliver and her are broken up when this time period takes place. The reason to why they could be apart during this period could be a number of things. My guess is that Oliver’s son is going to make an appearance and similarly to the cross over episode, will cause the couple to have a fight.

Overall, while it was not a stand out episode of the season, I enjoyed having Arrow back on the screen. I really think it was a good start to the second half of the season and it will continue on for here.



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