The Flash -S02E10 Potential Energy

Overall, I felt this was a great welcome back to the CW/DC universe. While it wasn’t a stand out episode of the season, it laid a great platform for the second half of the season.

I really loved the opening sequence of this episode. The use of Zoom in this episode without actually featuring was great. The dream sequence gave us a healthy dose of Zoom while acting as a great plot point. It is later revealed that nightmares is now a common thing with Barry. This really shows the fear factor Zoom as a villain present. He brings a sense of fear that effects Barry on a psychological level.

This weeks villain was The Turtle. Usually a Jay Garrick comic book character, the use as The Turtle as the main focus of this episode was a good building platform to build off. Using The Turtle really brought the show back to its roots of what The Flash was early in season 1. Using the familiar premise for the episode really allowed use to explore other aspects of this episode, the main one being Barry trying to tell Patty about his secret.

Since early in the season I always felt Barry was going to have a problem revealing himself to Patty. I’ve really enjoyed the chemistry the two present on screen and I’ve found myself very invested. This has made the moment that Barry tells Patty a moment I have been looking forward to for a long time. Unfortunately though we will have to wait another week to see if he does it as Patty reveals she is leaving Central City to pursue a new career. I’m not completely convinced she was actually leave though. I feel that they can’t build up to this moment without having to pay it off.

The other main event happening this episode was between Joe and his son Wally. I overall was a little let down with their interactions during this episode. As a character I was looking forward to since the start of the season, Wally doesn’t appear to be what I thought he would. Although I really liked the street racing aspect of his character. It really showed the big hearted side of Wally as he reveals to Joe that he races to pay his mother’s medical bills. Apart from this though I didn’t feel very pleased with Wally as a character until his final scene of the episode. In this scene it is the first time he appears as though there is no attitude to him. His attitude really confused me as he was the one that reached out and made the connection to Joe in the first place. I felt the last scene was very sweet though. This is the first time we get to see Joe have a proper family interaction with his biological son.

This episode was a great platform to build off for the coming weeks. As always, I find myself excited to see next weeks episode and again enter the DC universe.



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