Flash: Season 2 Episodes 1-9

Coming off the cliff hanger of season 1, season 2 of The Flash has continued the excellent level of quality. At the half way point there are heaps of positives to talk about.

This will be a complete spoiler review so if you haven’t seen season 2, go watch and come back later.

Bringing Tom Cavanagh back this season has been one of the best things of this season. Playing Harrison Wells, but not the Harrison Wells of season 1 because that was the Reverse Flash, but Earth 2 Harrison Wells. This Harrison Wells is a brand new version to the season 1 Wells we saw. The season 1 Wells is a caring character that everyone loves. The season 2/Earth 2 Wells is just an outright dick. But his not a dick that you hate, instead you love him. You get drawn into his cockiness and ignorance and Cavanagh presents this role perfectly. Something that really disappoints me about the Harrison Wells is the thought that Earth 2 Wells is either going to have to die or return back to his own Earth. The though of a season 3 without a Tom Cavanagh really disappoints me. However I don’t want a shady reason to why they can keep him on the pay roll for season 3.

I have a problem. I’m sitting here trying to decide who was the better villain, The Reverse Flash or Zoom. I honestly can’t split them. While the bulk of The Reverse Flash’s presents was in the back half of the season, by the mid season break you were already completely invested into the character. I feel the same way for Zoom. Zoom is the fastest speedster we have seen yet and his visions of being the only speedster across all worlds is pure evil. Through the introduction of Zoom we were introduced to The Flash of Earth 2, Jay Garrick. Its believed that Zoom stole his speed while an encounter on Earth 2. Garrick really plays the visual result of what destruction Zoom can do. The episode where Barry and Zoom meet and Zoom demolishes Barry, ending in breaking his back Batman Bane style. While I feel like The Reverse Flash is a great all round villain, Zoom is by far the most deadly.

From late in season 1, we discovered that Cisco is indeed a meta human. Throughout the first half of this season, Cisco as discovered his “vibes” and started to use them for good. I really enjoyed the problem he faced between not wanting to reveal his powers whilst still taking advantages. I’m pretty sure that the look Cisco gets every time he vibes is never going to get old. The stunned face he has really shows that even after vibing a number of times that it is still going to take him by surprise every time.

Patty is by far the best relationship Barry has had during The Flash series. Their chemistry is great and unfortunately I think that the whole thing is being set up for a heart string death moment. There is more of a connect between Barry and Patty than Barry has to anyone else in the show. By far one of my favourite moment of this season is their first date together. It is essentially a “blind” date for Barry as he was blinded from a situation earlier when he was The Flash. Cisco then acts as Barry’s eyes and poor attempts at a successful date is fantastic. By far this is one of the most comedic moment of either of the season of The Flash.

We knew from early on that Legends of Tomorrow would be coming to our TV. For it to work both Arrow and Flash had to set up the main characters of this show without shoehorning them in. Both Arrow and Flash did this great. From the start, The Flash really humanised Captain Cold to make you believe he would consider joining a superhero team. They introduced Kendra (Hawkgirl) really well. I thought the date between her and Cisco was really funny and timed great allowing us to really have a good look into the character Kendra is. The Vandal Savage crossover episodes with Arrow was really fantastic. I loved the 2nd instalment of Barry running so fast that he time jumped. I liked how differently they handled this time jump and allowed Barry to stay calm and allowed his to take control and make their plan work unlike the first time. These episodes really got me excited for Legends of Tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it.

Yes, and now to the bad. Lets see. Well….. to be honest, I can’t remember much bad. I am reviewing this first half of the season about 3 weeks after the final episode aired. This really has limited what I can remember about the series which is actually a positive. The fact that I can recall so many positive things about this season and no negatives really stands out to me how well this season of The Flash has been.

Overall this has been a great opening to the season. Speculation of who Zoom is has well and truly started and I can’t wait for it to return.

The Flash Season 2 Mid Season Review – 9.5/10


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