Arrow: Season 4 Episodes 1-9

As someone who enjoyed every season of Arrow so far, I can easily say that this season is one of my favourite and from what I’ve heard, its been good enough to bring people back onto the Arrow train. This will be my mid season review of Arrow season 4. This will be a spoiler review so if you haven’t seen Arrow yet, close this, watch it, then return.

Like Flash, Arrow had the difficult job of setting up Legends of Tomorrow. For this to happen they had to bring back two key characters, The ATOM and Sara Lance. The ATOM was done very early into the season and it played a really big role in the first part of the series. Through The ATOM story line we got to see more into the Damien Dark character and the Ghosts.

My favourite moment of the set up was the return of Sara Lance. As someone who watched the Constantine show, I was extremely excited to see the return of Matt Ryan. I really enjoyed this story line. Matt Ryan played the character perfectly and I really want to see more of Constantine in the Arrow universe. Of course the return of the original and best Canary was great. I loved the Matrix style sequence in the attempt to bring Sara back from the dead.

Damien Dark is perhaps the evilest villain we have seen on Arrow. He is straight out evil. On top of that, he has magic. Dark is a calm villain that has a sense of power similarly to that of Kingpin off Daredevil. I really am excited to see where the show heads with Dark as towards the end of the mid season we started to get a serious look into what his main evil plan is.

As someone who wasn’t a big fan of the Felicity and Oliver romance, this season has really brought me onboard. I’ve loved the conversations they have mid action shots. The very relationship type conversations that happen simultaneously to Oliver kicking ass. It brings a new aspect to the show as this is the first time we’ve had an inner group relationship.

If I had to personally pick one person to bury in the grave, it should be Laurel. While she hasn’t been as bad as pervious seasons, she still needs to go. What makes it so hard to like her is because how well loved her sister Sara was. Sara Lance to many, including me will be the only person worthy of the Canary tag. Sara could hold her own in a straight out fist fight in compared to Laurel’s screecher which seems to be the only thing she has going for her. While I don’t think she will be the one in the grave, I really hope she is.

The story line of Diggle’s brother still being alive and apart of the Ghost group really interests me and the idea that the whole Ghost group is full of people who were know to be dead still is an interesting concept. This story line with the brother has been dragged on way too long now though. How long can Diggle be kept in that cage without doing anything? I feel that this arc would of been much more enjoyable if instead of being kept prisoner by Diggle, he agrees to help team Arrow end the rain of Dark. The story then could of flipped at the end where Dark takes control of Diggle’s brother and forcing him the kill a member of the team, who would then be buried in the grave. While this story could still be possible, I feel that there has to be more of a meaning to why they story line was formed.

Arrow season 4 has continued my fantastic time watching comic book shows. Although it is my least favourite when comparing to The Flash and Agents of Shield, it says nothing to the quality this season has produced. By far Arrow has had some of the best cliff hangers and of all the shows I’m waiting to return, Arrow tops that list.

Arrow Mid Season 4 – 8.5/10



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